Garnet Leaf Earrings - Seconds Sale

Garnet Leaf Earrings - Seconds Sale

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Below each of these gorgeous, faceted, garnets hang a fine-silver  leaf which was carefully handmade by painting silver clay, layer by layer, onto real leaves. The leaves and clay are then gently fired to leave behind solid fine-silver leaves.

The silver has been oxidised and then polished to reveal the preserved, intricate veins and details on each leaf.

These earrings are "seconds" which means there's a slight flaw to one of the garnets so I don't feel comfortable selling them at full price. You'll see in the video that the stone in the right earring is darker and has a crackled appearance. It is still structurally strong and very beautiful but this happened when the stone was heated under a flame causing tiny pockets of air/moisture, which are naturally trapped in the stone when it is formed, expanding and causing the crackled effect.


Garrnet approx 10 x 9mm.
Whole earring length approx 32mm.

Earring type
Stone Garnet