Labradorite Bramble Leaf Necklace

Labradorite Bramble Leaf Necklace

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Below this radiantly flashy blue labradorite hangs a fine-silver bramble leaf which was carefully handmade by painting silver clay, layer by layer, onto a real bramble leaf. The leaf and clay is then gently fired to leave behind a solid fine-silver leaf.

The silver has been oxidised and then polished to reveal the preserved, intricate veins and details on the leaf

Ancient healers regard labradorite as a healing stone to aid difficult times of transition and change, giving strength and balance. It is also used for inspiration and to encourage creativity and new ideas.


Labradorite approx 17 x 19mm.
Whole pendant approx 73 x 23mm.

The matching earrings can be seen here.

Chain length 18 inches
Stone Labradorite