F*ck Capitalism? But you literally sell stuff!

F*ck Capitalism? But you literally sell stuff!

Capitalism: The shitty structure we are all forced to exist within, where private owners and corporations exploit workers for profit, to literally everyone's detriment (except for the 1% at the top). 

I want to talk about why shopping from small, local and independent businesses is the most ethical way you can shop.

"But there's no ethical consumption under capitalism!" I hear you cry! Yep, you're not wrong there, but the majority of us can't run off to live in self-sustaining communities to escape it, so we have to try to spend our money in the least harmful, and most helpful ways we can.

Here's some reasons you should shop small instead of buying from corporations like Amazon, Temu, Wish, Shein, etc:

  1. When you support a small business, you're supporting an individual and their family. Bezos and the likes don't even notice you've made a purchase on their websites, but to a small business owner you've just helped them pay a bill, buy groceries, or pay off some debt, or take a well-earned break.
  2. Small businesses don't have shady accountants or off-shore bank accounts to help them dodge tax. We pay our tax which supports a healthy economy.
  3. Small business owners understand the importance of shopping small - so we do it ourselves! When you buy from us, we buy from each other, keeping independent and creative industries afloat in our small communities by circulating that cash.
  4. We can't afford to waste things. When you shop from a small business, we often make things in small batches and order or supplies in small batches which negates the masses of waste that large business and corporations create.
  5. The quality of items bought from small businesses is notably higher than mass-produced items. This is because without large investors, we rely on the quality of the products we make/supply and great customer service to stay in business. This means your items are made to last, not for landfill.
  6. When you buy from corporations, that money becomes profits for shareholders. Those shareholders can invest that money and have political influence. We've seen that recently by learning about the BDS movement - a lot of companies we didn't expect are funding warfare and other things like fossil fuels. Conversely, when you shop from a small business, the only things we're investing in is our business, passions, families and communities. This is where grass roots change happens.
  7. Many people can only make an income from running a small business or making art. Things like disabilities, mental health issues, neurodiversity, family commitments etc can mean that someone is seen as too "unreliable" to hold down employment but can work for themselves on their own flexible schedule under their own time constraints - myself included. Corporations don't care about people who they consider "not productive enough for the workforce" so supporting a small business might mean you're supporting someone's only possible source of income.
  8. You won't be supporting sweatshops or stolen designs!

I know that most people can't afford to shop small for absolutely everything, but if everybody switched out a few items from corporations and fast fashion brands and bought from small indie businesses instead, we would be voting for a healthier and happier economy with our money.

There are other ways you can support independent/local businesses for free too!

  1. Write a review on our websites or socials
  2. Recommend us to your friends and colleagues
  3. Support us on social media by following us and interacting with our posts!

What other benefits can you think of for shopping small? Drop them in the comments!

~ Riley x

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