The best way to keep your silver jewellery shiny is to wear it! Your jewellery will stay buffed and shiny whilst you wear it due to daily wear causing it to rub against your skin and clothing.

Metals tarnish naturally over time due to oxidation and reacting to body oils. To help keep your jewellery shiny whilst you aren't wearing it, it’s important to store it in a dry place and, if need be, they can be brought back to life with a jewellery polishing cloth which can be picked up very inexpensively here.

Bronze can react to the natural oils in some people’s skin and leave a green mark- don’t worry this will wash off! You can avoid this by putting a layer of clear nail polish on the part of the jewellery that touches your skin.

If you have purchased an adjustable piece of jewellery, such as a ring or bangle, please be gentle and careful when adjusting it as breakages due to heavy handling are non-returnable.

Jewellery that has been oxidised (blackened) to show the details may brighten over time, if this happens please get in touch and I'll be happy to return your favourite pieces to their original lustre!


All Campfire & Compass rings are listed in UK sizes, but if you only know your size in US sizes there's a handy converter here that you can use here. If you only know your size in Pandora sizes, here's a link to their size converter too!

If you simply have no clue what ring size you are, you can a reusable ring sizing tool here!

If you're buying a ring for someone else and you're unsure of their size this can be a bit trickier and you may need to do some detective work! You could carefully borrow a ring that you know fits them and have it sized at your local jewellery store, or you can use this really handy cheat sheet if you trust your crafting abilities!

As lots of my jewellery is made to order, I can't guarantee an easy swap for the next size if you didn't quite get it right first time around. If you're really struggling with getting the right size it might be worth you knowing that many jewellers find it easier to stretch a ring up a ring size rather than down a ring size; so whether you ask me to help your new ring fit perfectly, or another local jeweller, it's best to opt for the smaller option and stretch it up if necessary. 

If in doubt, feel free to ask me for advice via the contact form or!


I believe that not all necklaces are made equal when it comes to choosing chain lengths. I have matched up each necklace with a length of chain which I feel suits it best however, since we all have our preferences, feel free to contact me if you would like a different length.

Here's a handy diagram so you can see how each length of chain sits when worn.

A black silhouette of a torso showing different chain lengths in white (inches)