Hello, my name is Riley.

I use he/him and they/them pronouns and I live in Nottingham, UK, with my husband, Liam and our cat, Kitty. (She was already named that when we adopted her, don't come at me for being so unimaginative!)

I first started metalsmithing and making jewellery when I was bought a ring-making lesson as a gift.  By the end of the class I knew this wouldn’t be the end of it and bought my first set of tools. Since then my tool kit has expanded and I found a passion for making detailed jewellery, out of high quality precious metals, for nature lovers like myself.

My nature and outdoors inspired designs came from a desire to shut off the chatter of daily life and get back to nature so that I could remember what’s important and find my roots. 

The beauty of the outdoors can be so enchanting and thought-provoking that I can’t help but feel a sense of calm wonderment whenever I’m amongst it. Wanting to take a piece of this feeling with me wherever I went, I decided to replicate elements of nature into my designs.

Here you will find hand-crafted jewellery inspired by the wild and mystical and an appreciation of the Earth, so that we might remember what’s important– simply that we are nature.

You might notice from the top picture that I'm a wheelchair user - I mention this because as a trans, disabled person living in the UK my identity is highly politicised and so the ethics I apply to every aspect of my life are ones of anti-oppression and pro-liberation. You will find the occasional political item of jewellery in here and if you follow me on social media you'll see that I also share a lot of current social and political issues to raise awareness. Hopefully you'll have come for the jewellery and stayed for the lefty community ;)

I (unsurprisingly) have been vegan for over a decade so, naturally, all of the jewellery on this website is suitable for vegans and all packaging is recyclable, sustainable and responsibly sourced. You can see my sustainability pledge here.