Some of my Favourite Nottingham Makers

Some of my Favourite Nottingham Makers


It's my first proper post so I thought I'd use the opportunity for a nice one where I shout out some of my fave makers local to me in Nottingham. There are waaaaay to many to mention so I'm gonna stick to a solid 20.

You'll notice there are other jewellers in this list and that might surprise you as I'm a jeweller and surely I'd wanna keep you all to myself right? But I firmly believe in community over competition. We rise by lifting others!

In no particular order, here we go!

  1. The Nottingham Horror Collective is run by spooky duo Ruth and Emily. True to their name, their speciality is horror and they make gorgeous zines, greetings cards, prints and other merch.
  2. Deborah Panesar is a freelance illustrator and designer creating intricate, detailed and whimsical art prints, cards, stationary and more. Check out her website for her work and to find out which markets she'll be at next!
  3. Toriana JewelleryVictoria makes absolutely stunning gothic jewellery using recycled silver and natural gemstones. Her attention to detail is *chef kiss* and I can guarantee that any piece of jewellery you buy from her will be absolutely stunning.
  4. Ms Moo Make-upSali is an actual gem brought here to Nottingham from North Wales. An award wining make-up artist using all cruelty free make-up, she does occasion make-up, make-overs, editorial make-up, lessons for trans women just getting into make-up and has even released 2 of her own eyeshadow pallettes. I can't shout her out enough!
  5. Aamina Mahmood is a freelance graphic designer with a speciality in horror films and pop culture prints. She currently has a "Free Palestine" charity t-shirt available so be sure to head over to her instagram page to see where you can grab one. You'll find her at various indie maker markets around Nottingham!
  6. Luna & Kiki is a jewellery and homeware brand by gorgeous married couple, Chris and Christine, who named their brand after their two cats (my kinda people!) They're currently on a hiatus but you'll find bright and lively kitsch pieces with a big personality. Think big acrylic shapes, glitter, leopard print, pom poms and polka dots.
  7. Bonearrow is a one-woman show that is not to be missed. Spooky, funny, creative, talented, she is one bad witch and Sneinton Avenues wouldn't be the same without her. When she's not rehabbing injured bats (yes, actual bats) she's living and breathing occulty gothic jewellery. She doesn't call it "magic in metal" for nothing!
  8. Hawthorne AccupunctureI might be supremely biased here but it's only because I literally wouldn't be able to continue to make jewellery if it wasn't for Scarletts deeply healing care & talent every few weeks! Scarlett is a Licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist amongst other highly trained practices. She can be booked in clinic or mobile.
  9. Print is Dead. Elyssa is a graphic designer and illustrator making absolutely gorgeous, gothic and occult themed art, prints and accessories. She is also one half of The Dark Arts Market with Fiona (who will get a shout out on another blog as she's not from Nottingham), a local gothic makers market held 4 times a year, which I am a huge fan of.
  10. Sarah Louise Powell is a wonderfully gentle and kind tattoo artist who specialises in blackwork and is proudly witchy and weird. She has graced my skin with some of my favourite pieces, including a big fern on the side of my head - talk about trust!
  11. Aubrey Fields. Luke named his jewellery brand after his grandfather so don't go calling him Aubrey! ;) He is the boss at hand-cast chunky jewellery with stunning faceted gemstones that look like they're straight from ancient Rome (without the centuries of tarnish obviously). Go check him out!
  12. Lïva Vilemsone is an artist who paints absolutely stunning animals and nature in deep, vivid colours. You can buy her stunning work as originals, prints, calendars, cards, stickers and cushions!
  13. Slice of the Wild. Becca is a multi-media artist and painter whose inspiration comes from nature, whimsy and folk art. In her online shop you can find fantastically bold necklaces, charms, homewares and prints, all in her beautiful signature style.
  14. Ford & Guy is an ethical and sustainable clothing business with a beautiful store in Beeston. They are plastic-free, use environmentally friendly practices to make their designs and use up as much of their offcuts as possible. Their designs are unique and very stylish and very obviously made with great care and skill.
  15. Art By KerdishaKerdisha is a feminist activist, changing the way we see gender and equality with art. Her amazing pieces come with strong messages of female empowerment and they can be found in the form of art prints, cards, stickers, badges and more on her ko-fi account.
  16. Amber Cooper-Green is a jeweller whose bold pieces, made of recycled silver and reclaimed plastic and wood, leap out at you with their bold shapes and colours. Amber is a power-house of talent who not only makes ands sells jewellery, but also runs workshops and markets. You can find out more about her Small Business Takeover markets here.
  17. Angela Marie Nicholls is an artist who is inspired by the human form and nature. She paints both large feature pieces and smaller pieces, paired with gorgeous frames that look absolutely stunning on on gallery wall (if it sounds like I'm speaking from experience here it's because I am..). She has a studio at Long Eaton Art Room but you can keep up with what markets she's at on her instagram.
  18. The Black Cat Collective is a homeware and lifestyle brand by Rosie, inspired by her gorgeous black cat companion, Alan. Her adorable cat designs are featured on literally everything - clothing, homewares, stationary, the lot - so they have anything a cat lover could ever really need!
  19. V-Ice Screams is an independently owned vegan ice-cream company with some of the best flavour combinations I've ever had. You'll find them as a regular at Sherwood Vegan Market on the 2nd Saturday of every month. Don't forget a Tupperware if you want to take-some home for your freezer!
  20. Blame it on the Moon ShopPsychedelic designs by Kiran Kaur can be found at markets and in The Hungry Ghost Artspace, in the form of lino prints, book marks, posca drawings and digital art. Her trippy designs are bright and weird and sometimes inspired by pop culture. A delight for the eyes!

Well folks, I could go on and on but I have to stop somewhere, so I hope you've discovered some new local indie makers and small businesses to add to your "must check out" list. I can personally vouch for each of these brands, whether I've browsed their shops, done markets with them, bought their wares or used their services, they're all good eggs!

Feel free to drop your favourite Nottingham makers and small businesses in the comments!

Have a great week and don't forget to shop small!

~ Riley x

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