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Anti-Tory Banner Necklace

Anti-Tory Banner Necklace

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We are currently living in a country where our government only cares that the "elite" of society get richer, while the working people face hardship after hardship. Giving bankers tax cuts while increasing NI for the rest of us, prioritising the profits of energy giants instead of keeping prices affordable for the general public and prematurely removing covid protections that were keeping our communities safe - I could go on, but the chances are if you're reading this listing I'm preaching to the choir.

Some of us are clinically vulnerable and unable to take to the streets and protest, but you can wear your own personal protest proudly in this banner necklace!  A conversation starter, or a "stay away" sign for bigots, this can work as both!

You have an option of choosing the following 2 options:

F*CK THE TORIES or NEVER F*CK A TORY (the full swear will be on the necklace, uncensored)

The silver banner is 8mm high approximately 47mm wide.

There is space for approximately 3-5 short words, so feel free to contact me if you have a different political slogan you'd prefer to use that has the same effect.

Characters available
Capital letters: A-Z
Numbers: 0-9
Punctuation: $"!,?@.#()

Metal Silver
Chain length 18 inches
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