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Garnet Set

Garnet Set

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These garnet rings look like beautiful, mouth-watering piece of pomegranate - but that's no wonder since this stone is associated with the ancient Greek tale of Persephone, who was famously tricked into eating a cursed pomegranate.

A 5mm garnet is set into a shiny bezel and sits atop a hammered silver band, or studs, that catch the light beautifully.

Garnet is not only the January birthstone, but Crystal healers also believe it to be a stone of devotion. Depending on the wearer, that could mean devotion to a romantic partner, a life path, or an inner commitment. This means it’s a great stone for mental focus and clarity. Garnet is also associated with libido and romance, so if love is your focus this seems like a great choice.

Total £80.00 when purchased separately - £70.00 when purchased as a set.

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