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Liberty Cap Necklace - Small/Medium/Large

Liberty Cap Necklace - Small/Medium/Large

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These liberty caps, also known as a "magic mushrooms" have been carefully formed out of wax and then cast in solid silver. Each mushroom has been oxidised black and the surface gently polished back to silver, leaving the realistic details, textures and gills visible.

Their characteristic wavy stems make these little psychedelic mushrooms look like they're having a little dance all by themselves.

Made in small batches, each mushroom is hand carved meaning no two are alike!

Hung on an 18" chain.

The matching earrings can be found here, and the matching ring can be found here.

Mushroom Option Size / Weight (approx)
6.5 x 25mm / 1.5g
Medium 8.5 x 35mm / 4g
Large 12 x 62mm / 12g

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Customer Reviews

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Great design

Ordered the medium size together with the earrings. Same great quality work as for the earrings!