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Luna Set

Luna Set

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These Luna sets; comprised of a ring, stud earrings and a necklace; are carefully hand made using two sheets of silver, one textured, and one smooth, fused together to show the light and dark of the moon. The duality that's in all of us.

They are gently oxidised to highlight the hammered texturing and no two exactly alike.

These little moons are made from ethically sourced recycled sterling silver. It has the same purity as regular sterling silver but it's ethically sourced and recycled from scrap and circuit boards and stuff!

The necklaces are hung on an 18" chain.

These sets are available in 2 options as the rings are available with either a 7.5mm moon or a 10mm moon.

Approximate Moon Sizes:

Stud Earrings 7.5mm
Rings 7.5mm or 10mm
Necklace 16mm


Total £105.00/£103.00 when purchased separately - £95.00/£93.00 when purchased as a set.

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