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Ornate Gold Rutile Quartz Point Necklace

Ornate Gold Rutile Quartz Point Necklace

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This gorgeous crystal point is hung from an ornate setting, handmade with details that look like a royal crown. It has been carefully made to hug the sides of the stone tightly while showcasing the beautiful, glistening inclusions inside.

Gold rutile quartz is a quartz that has strand-like inclusions of titanium dioxide that look like golden hair - for that reason it used to be known as Venus hair! Ancient crystal healers have believed this stone to be bursting with energy that wants to revitalise and inspire the wearer with creativity, passion and confidence. Chakra practitioners also believe gold rutile quartz to be one of the few stones that can balance and charge all of the chakras.

Metal Silver
Stone Gold Rutile Quartz
Chain Length 20 inches
Pendant Size 37 x 18mm
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