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Peekaboo Serpentine Fern Necklace

Peekaboo Serpentine Fern Necklace

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This jade-coloured serpentine is rich and translucent, making it the perfect piece for a peekaboo design to hide behind.  The 25mm round stone has been set into a silver setting which I have carefully out the silhouette of a curved fern.

Serpentine, or “new jade”, is a stone which is said to bring a soothing energy, whilst helping to release fear of the unknown, change or new beginnings. This seems particularly apt, as the fern is also a symbol of new beginnings across several cultures. The fern is an ancient plant which has survived countless extinctions and environments, and loves to grow in the shade. Its leaves also die every winter and come back every spring, which is why it's regarded for its resilience and the beginning of new cycles.

This necklace would be perfect for you if you're feeling like you're "stuck" and need to encourage change, or you're going through an uncomfortable change or new beginning and need something to ground and reassure you during this time.

Stone  25x25mm Serpentine
Metal Silver
Chain Length 20"
Pendant Size 29 x 39mm
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