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Small Bone Necklace

Small Bone Necklace

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These Bone necklaces have been cast from real animal bones but, don't worry, no animals were hurt to make it! I found this bone many years ago amongst the skeleton of what I think was a rabbit on a hike in Alderley Edge, UK.

It has been moulded and cast using the lost wax method so all that gorgeous natural texture has been preserved in solid silver for you to boldly wear.

This necklace is perfect for the people who were the type of oddball kids who often played in the dirt, catching bugs or frogs, and became oddly attached to rocks and pebbles...or bones...they found whilst playing outdoors! Or goths. It's perfect for goths ;)

This bone is also available as dangly earrings! There is also a larger bone necklace available here.

Metal Sterling silver
Bone Size 35mm
Chain Length 18"
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