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Tourmalated Quartz Woodland Stacking Ring

Tourmalated Quartz Woodland Stacking Ring

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This striking tourmalated quartz is set into a woodland ring formed from the highest quality sterling silver.

The band of the ring is wonderfully detailed with the exquisite, natural texture of bark from a twig, so you can wear a piece of woodland charm wherever you go.

Tourmalated Quartz is clear or white quartz which has pieces of Green or Black Tourmaline within it. Spiritual healers associate this stone with the third eye chakra and regard this stone as having power against negative energy with the ability to turn bad energies into positive ones.

A stunning balance of eye-catching statement jewellery infused with the subtle majesty of the woods.

Try stacking the Tourmalated Quartz Woodland Stacking Ring with the woodland ring or wearing it together with the woodland earrings, bangle or necklace.

Stone Tourmalated Quartz

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Ring of dreams

Absolutely stunning tourmalated quartz ring. Beautifully crafted, full of quality. The half size fits me perfectly. Now one of my favourite pieces. Thank you to the wonderful Riley!